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When designing the BODY X and BODY 2X, we were inspired by the structure of the fur of a polar bear living under extreme environmental conditions. BODY X and BODY 2X are made of a hollow fiber polyester fleece. It insulates far better than a regular fiber due to being hollow and filled with air. It is a material that achieves high thermal insulation without increasing weight.

It´s all about keeping warm and dry! This technically advanced fabric also has excellent moisture-wicking properties. It is designed to pull moisture away from the skin, by capillary action, and out to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate easily. The combination of hollow fiber insulation and excellent moisture wicking properties creates an extremely warm and comfortable undergarment. 

We are all different. We react differently to heat and cold, activity and rest. That´s why we offer you to choose from different sizes and thicknesses for the upper and lower body. 285 g/m2 (BODY X) or 665 g/m2 (BODY 2X). You can choose any combination you like. Available as top and leggings.

Our new undergarment series also includes a super warm, one-piece option. The one-piece suit is made of 665 g/m2 fabric, featuring a zippered chest pocket, smooth collar and a YKK front zipper. The one-piece suit is also prepared for heating system cable.